Office Staff members at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital in New London attended a luncheon and seminar on June 16th, 2011 entitled "Next Steps to ICD-10, the second seminar in a series designed by Donna Schneider at L&M and Nancy Enos, to prepare offices for the transition to ICD-10.    The seminar was co-sponsored by Optum CareTracker, Providence, RI.

Here is what the attendees had to say about the seminar: Great Presentation – Gives a perfect roadmap to where offices
need to be/Hopefully we will have more seminars – very helpful-Thank you Nancy
and Donna/Thank you/ MORE ICD 10 Programs/More Provider education to assist the
transformation process/Nancy is a “GREAT”instructor/Donna – It will likely be
necessary to have some training geared towards physician training/Nancy always
presents interesting and pertinent information/It is good to keep having these
very informative seminars and thank you for providing this!! Nancy is really
prepared and full of information that is very helpful!! / Very informative. I
always enjoy Nancy’s seminars