Prepare for ICD-10 Implementation!  The time to learn about the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 is here. Practice administrators have multiple changes looming, including upgrades to 5010 transactions, Meaningful Use, and new relationships with hospital systems as accountable care organizations emerge.

Read the "Code of Conduct" article published in the July 2011 MGMA Connextion Magazine (page 13) to learn more about ICD-10 and what you can do to prepare, train, and succeed.
Office Staff members at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital in New London attended a luncheon and seminar on June 16th, 2011 entitled "Next Steps to ICD-10, the second seminar in a series designed by Donna Schneider at L&M and Nancy Enos, to prepare offices for the transition to ICD-10.    The seminar was co-sponsored by Optum CareTracker, Providence, RI.

Here is what the attendees had to say about the seminar: Great Presentation – Gives a perfect roadmap to where offices
need to be/Hopefully we will have more seminars – very helpful-Thank you Nancy
and Donna/Thank you/ MORE ICD 10 Programs/More Provider education to assist the
transformation process/Nancy is a “GREAT”instructor/Donna – It will likely be
necessary to have some training geared towards physician training/Nancy always
presents interesting and pertinent information/It is good to keep having these
very informative seminars and thank you for providing this!! Nancy is really
prepared and full of information that is very helpful!! / Very informative. I
always enjoy Nancy’s seminars